Dimitris Gkoutzamanis

What I Do

Information Technology

Secure IT Architecture

Integrate security into your enterprise architecture using a layered approach. Business, data and information, application, and technology/infrastructure.

IT Operations

Ensure that systems, services and infrastructure operate reliably and securely.

Policies and Procedures

You think you don't need them until you realize you do. Composed in a way that they serve you, not the other way around.

Information Security

Information Security Audit

Security evaluation of the information systems. Ensure that proper configuration is made and that are protected from misuse.

Risk Assessments

I will identify the risks that can affect your critical assets.

Vulnerability Assessment

Conduct reviews of security weaknesses in information systems

Penetration Testing

Methodically identify the ways a threat actor would gain access to your environment.

Quick Facts

Professional Certifications


Years of Experience